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Choose from over one hundred high-quality DNA FISH probes for the detection of genetic aberrations found in cancer and inherited genetic diseases.

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Featuring the new constitutional NGS platform for cytogenetic research, alongside a broad range of arrays for rare disease and cancer research.

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Choose from preloaded NGS panels for haematological and solid tumour cancer research or we can help you create your own.

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Detect 49 key genes implicated in myeloid disorders

SureSeq Myeloid Plus Workflow

The panel accurately detects SNVs and indels in genes such as CEBPA, JAK2, CALR and MPL, as well as structural variants including FLT3-ITDs and KMT2A-PTDs, and is able to detect low-frequency SNVs and indels with confidence. The figure (right) shows a PTD detection spanning exons 2-8 of the KMT2A gene.

SureSeq Myeloid Plus Workflow Image

CytoCell FISH probes for AML and MDS analysis

New...Del(5q) Plus Tri-Colour Deletion & CBFB Breakapart Probes

The triple colour design of the Del(5q) Plus Tri-Colour Deletion Probe facilitates the detection of 5q interstitial proximal and distal deletions, in addition to monosomy 5 in AML and MDS analysis. The CytoCell CBFB Breakapart Probe, with its dual colour, dual fusion probe design, detects rearrangements in the 16q22 region and overcomes limitations associated with the proximity of signals on chromosome 16 during interphase FISH for AML detection.

New...Del(5q) Plus Tri-Colour Deletion & CBFB Breakapart Probes Image

The optimal solution for your FH research

CytoSure Comprehensive FH Panel

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) is a genetic condition which results in a high cholesterol level and subsequently leads to a higher risk of early heart disease. OGT is offering an optimised NGS panel which has selected the most relevant genes and SNPs implicated in FH, for your research needs. The figure (left) shows a double deletion on the LDLR gene, as visualised by Interpret software.

CytoSure Comprehensive FH Panel Image

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Group photo of OGT employees at the opening of the new office in Oxford

OGT expands NGS operations to state-of-the-art facility in Oxford Technology Park

07 Feb 2024

Investment in new premises to create increase in cutting-edge genomic solutions and collaborative partnerships.

OGT to premiere SureSeq Myeloid MRD panel for AML disease monitoring at AMP Image

OGT to premiere SureSeq Myeloid MRD panel for AML disease monitoring at AMP

13 Nov 2023

New NGS assay delivers exceptional coverage, providing a rapid and highly sensitive means of investigating MRD in AML samples

OGT Intelliseq Partnership

OGT and Intelliseq launch NGS reporting and interpretation for all myeloid malignancy panels

26 Oct 2023

Fuelled by cutting-edge clinical and genomic data, partnership provides intuitive and fully customisable reporting capabilities for all conditions

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