Precision Medicine Partnering

Accelerate your clinical trial assay and CDx development programmes in haematological malignancies by partnering with OGT’s precision medicine team.

Our biomarker and CDx development services

High performance FISH probes & NGS panels

Choose from our existing comprehensive portfolio of haematological malignancy focused NGS clinical research products and FDA cleared and IVDR certified FISH probes

Customised multi-omic assay development

Explore novel biomarkers in your small molecule, biologics, cell or gene therapy programmes through our custom, multi-omic assay development process

Why partner with OGT?

With OGT you can access the agility and focus of our specialist team who drive the scalability, commitment to quality and commercial excellence you expect from being a part of the world’s largest haematology diagnostics company.

  • Superior design as standard: Over 30 years’ experience in researching, designing and implementing genomic hybridisation technology gives you access to high-quality products optimised for patient stratification and disease monitoring applications
  • Validated for the most challenging targets: Access a team with unrivalled insights into the development, analysis and performance of diagnostics for the most challenging genomic targets in haematological malignancies
  • Unparalleled specialist clinical and regulatory expertise: Unlock the capabilities of your biomarker-informed trials in strategically important markets with the team that launched the world’s first IVDR-approved FISH probes
  • Experience the flexibility your development programme requires: Our collaborative approach to partnership gives you assay development, deployment and regulatory strategies which rapidly respond to the changing requirements of your drug development programme

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Customisation as standard Image

Customisation as standard

We offer customisation of any product in our portfolio because we understand that one size does not always fit all in assay and diagnostic development.

We deliver on your expectations for flexible testing solutions that adapt rapidly to the latest advances in biomarker discovery.

Leveraging our proprietary probe designs across FISH and NGS allows you to uncover clinically significant biomarkers in the hardest to reach parts of the genome.

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Regulatory excellence through proactive engagement, globally

We believe in proactively engaging with the dynamic regulatory environment for IVDs, not sitting back and waiting for others to lead and so we launched the world’s first portfolio of IVDR FISH probes. 

Our expert regulatory team are constantly expanding the global registration footprint of our IVDs and delivery of FDA, IVDR and PMDA registrations across our FISH and NGS platforms.

Clinician, pathologist and patient needs at the heart of what we do Image

Clinician, pathologist and patient needs at the heart of what we do

We focus on the unique needs of patients, clinicians and genomic medicine practitioners in the real world to ensure our diagnostic solutions are reliable and operationally efficient for testing patients in clinical trials and are launch-ready by design.

Clinically trained molecular pathologists are at the heart of our organisation, from R&D right through to our commercial operations, driven by their decades of experience to deliver diagnostic solutions that meet your needs today.

Global commercial excellence as part of the world’s largest haematology diagnostics company Image

Global commercial excellence as part of the world’s largest haematology diagnostics company

We believe in equitable, global access to the benefits of precision medicine as a route to improving health and wellbeing for all.

By leveraging the reach, commitment and expertise in haematology diagnostics of Sysmex’s global commercial network we deliver our solutions wherever they are needed.

Search our integrated portfolio of FISH probes, arrays and NGS panels to see if we have a product that meets the needs of your next clinical trial assay or CDx development programme in haematological malignancies

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