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Our latest tip for NGS from our experts

Streptavidin beads are very “sticky”, be sure to limit pipetting.

Huiyan Jin

NGS Field Application Scientist, North America

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NGS tips and troubleshooting

What's wrong with my NGS?

Identify and resolve common problems that occur during the next generation sequencing (NGS) protocol, including unexpected sample concentration, low yield after pre-capture PCR and low coverage uniformity.

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NGS tutorial videos and webinars

NGS workflow

Watch part one of the Universal NGS Workflow Solution for CytoSure® and SureSeq™, which illustrates the key steps for the DNA fragmentation, end repair and 3’ end A-tailing process.

Animation of NGS workflow protocol

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NGS tutorial videos and webinars

Introduction to Interpret NGS analysis software

Learn about Interpret, OGT’s powerful and easy-to-use next generation sequencing analysis solution, designed to work seamlessly with SureSeq and CytoSure NGS panels.

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