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Is your current NGS panel not meeting your exact requirements? Are you tired of sequencing genes you're not interested in?

If yes, why not try OGT's SureSeq™ custom NGS cancer panel builder, which utilises our regularly updated, expert-curated library of pre-optimised cancer content. Simply mix and match the gene, exonic or intronic content you need to create a NGS cancer panel that meets your exact requirements.

To see how it all works watch the instructional video below.

Build a custom panel:

How it works

Custom Panel Builder Tutorial V1
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Learn how to use OGT's SureSeq custom NGS cancer panel builder (480 secs)

4 simple steps to get your custom NGS panel:

1. Design

Build your own cancer panel or modify an existing OGT design using our custom NGS cancer panel builder.

2. Refine

OGT scientists will contact you to discuss your custom panel requirements, advising on any necessary design modifications and timelines for delivery.

3. Purchase

One of our sales team will contact you with a quotation for your custom design.

4. Evaluate

On acceptance of the quote, OGT ships your new custom panel for evaluation in your laboratory.

Only after you are fully satisfied with the panel performance during the evaluation will OGT ship and invoice for the final panel.

Have a question about our cancer NGS custom panel builder?

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