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Identification of fetal aneuploidy with dual-probe fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis in circulating trophoblasts after enrichment using a high-sensitivity microfluidic platform

  • Authors: Jiri Sonek, Rolf Muller, Judy Muller-Cohn, Janet Dickerson, Brenda Garcia Lopez, Jennifer Barber-Singh, Dylan Dufek, Adam Kinney Hiett & Philip Buchanan
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Case of 15q26-qter deletion associated with a Prader-Willi phenotype

  • Authors: Jéssica Fernandes dos Santos, Angelina Xavier Acosta, Gabriela Gayer Scheibler, Paula Monique Leite Pitanga, Esmeralda Santos Alves, Joanna Goes Castro Meira, Évelin Aline Zanardo, Leslie Domenici Kulikowski, Renata Lúcia Leite Ferreira de Lima et al
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MECOM rearrangement involving the MYC locus: two additional patients with the rare translocation, t(3;8)(q26.2;q24), and molecular review

  • Authors: Scott C. Smith, Tareq Z. S. Qdaisat, Pamela A. Althof, Bhavana J. Dave & Jennifer N. Sanmann
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A paternal t(6;22)(q25.3;p12) leading to a deleted and satellited der(6) in a short‐lived infant

  • Authors: María Guadalupe Domínguez, Horacio Rivera, Rosa María Dávalos‐Pulido & Ingrid Patricia Dávalos‐Rodríguez
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Efficacy of MLPA for detection of Y-chromosome microdeletions in infertile Brazilian patients

  • Authors: C. S. Franchim, J. M. Soares-Junior, P. C. Serafini, P. A. A. Monteleone, M. S. Coccuzza, E. A. Zanardo, M. M. Montenegro, A. T. Dias, L. D. Kulikowski & E. C. Baracat
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Do sex chromosomes of snakes, monitor lizards, and iguanian lizards result from multiple fission of an “ancestral amniote super-sex chromosome”?

  • Authors: Worapong Singchat, Siwapech Sillapaprayoon, Narongrit Muangmai, Sudarath Baicharoen, Chantra Indananda, Prateep Duengkae, Surin Peyachoknagul, Rebecca E. O’Connor, Darren K. Griffin & Kornsorn Srikulnath
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