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A complete library prep solution for unparallelled NGS results Image

A complete library prep solution for unparallelled NGS results

Our new Universal NGS Complete Workflow Solution takes capture-based library prep to a new level.

With the inclusion of UDIs and UMIs for increased accuracy and error correction, this simpler, automation-compatible workflow delivers a 40% reduction in library prep time. Hybridisation quality-amplicon speed.

Spotlight custom probes

Check out one of our popular dual use custom probes! Learn more about MPD12940 KREBBP/MYST3 Dual Fusion for detection of t(8;16) (p11;p13).

Spotlight custom probes Image

CytoSure Comprehensive FH NGS Panel Image

CytoSure Comprehensive FH NGS Panel

Familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) is a genetic disease that increases an individual's risk for heart disease and affects 1 in 250 individuals worldwide. Learn how the CytoSure® FH panel can assist your lab in identifying CNVs/SNVs in key genes associated with FH.

SureSeq Myeloid Plus

The newly launched panel combines the rapid Universal NGS workflow hybridisation-based target enrichment method with OGT's expert bait design to interrogate the key 49 genes implicated in a wide range of myeloid malignancies.

SureSeq Myeloid Plus Image

Tips & Tricks Image

Tips & Tricks

Have you had any issues with your FISH, array or NGS protocols? Our experts are regularly sharing tips, watch-outs and troubleshooting advice to improve your results.