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You can still watch our webinar: What’s IVDR and how does it affect your FISH workflow?

Expect a simple, straight-forward explanation of the new EU regulation that transformed the in vitro diagnostic industry, and the direct impact it has on FISH users like you, including guidance on validation and in-house testing.

No frills, no drama, a little jargon. Just the important bits for your FISH workflow.

This webinar was delivered in October 2023.

The webinar will explain:

  • When does IVDR take effect?
  • How does it differ from the previous IVDD regulation?
  • How will IVDR affect my lab?
  • How can my FISH lab become IVDR compliant?
  • ... and more!



Steve ChattersSteve Chatters

Steve Chatters, Executive Vice President of Regulatory, Medical and Quality Affairs at OGT, has over 30 years’ experience in FISH, including over a decade of clinical expertise at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Steve has leveraged his experience and successfully lead the team that delivered the world’s first IVDR-certified FISH probes.


Michelle GreshonMichelle Greshon

Michelle Greshon is the Strategic Product Manager for the CytoCell® FISH probe range. Since joining OGT in 2020, she has dedicated herself towards the launch of the IVDR-certified FISH probes, and is fully committed to provide safe, reliable and effective FISH probes for your patients. Her extensive experience has equipped her to be a knowledgeable and trustworthy expert of the IVDR reform.

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