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OGT announces commercial partnership with Applied Spectral Imaging

We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI), a global leader in advanced biomedical imaging!

This strategic alliance grants OGT rights to market ASI's proprietary cytogenetic imaging and analysis solutions in Great Britain, including ASI's digital FISH analysis platform, HiFISH.

OGT Applied Spectral Imaging ASI Partnership Announcement

Cytocell IVDR FISH Probes Launch 2

Stop! More CytoCell FISH probes have achieved IVDR certification

Introducing BCR/ABL (ABL1) Plus Translocation, Dual Fusion Probe and CBFB Breakapart Probe, now IVDR-certified.

Incorporate IVDR into your workflow.

Upcoming webinar: What’s IVDR and how does it affect your FISH workflow?

IVDR has arrived– but are you ready for the change? Master the fundamentals of this major reform in IVD regulation and evolve into an IVD compliant institution. No stress. Just the important bits for your FISH workflow.

Cytocell IVDR FISH Probes Webinar

Blog - Myeloid malignancies’ driver mutations Part 2: KMT2A, a gene for epigenetic regulation

New OGT blog! KMT2A, a gene for epigenetic regulation

Our second myeloid malignancy blog sheds light on important genetic alterations in KMT2A gene, including KMT2A-PTDs, and how NGS technologies are now the go-to technology in identifying these alterations.

CytoSure Constitutional v3 microarray - get the low-down from our partners

OGT has over two decades' of experience in the development of microarrays, and our partners love what we do.

Hear what Dom McMullan and Kris Van Den Bogaert had to say about our Constitutional v3 microarray.

Dom Mcmullan And Kris Van Den Bogaert White Papers

NGS And Microarray Software Tutorials

NGS and microarray software tutorials, only a click away!

Get started today with our introductory software tutorials.

Interpret NGS analysis software

CytoSure® Interpret analysis software for microarrays

Don’t forget…Our FAS team can be contacted online with free support advice