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The Oxford R&D Team

The R&D team based in Oxford is split into two sub-teams. One sub-team is focused on developing genetic research and diagnostic tools for inherited disease and rare disorders, whilst the other sub-team focuses its attentions on cancer genetics.

The primary focus of the team is the development of protocols and reagents for OGT’s SureSeq™ and CytoSure® ranges of next generation sequencing (NGS) panels and microarrays.

This development involves:

  • Feasibility experiments
  • Product optimisation

This includes running experiments in the lab to optimise the protocols so that they are working as efficiently and accurately as possible.

The team also has a close relationship with the Computational Biology team, who they work with on the development of the software packages that are used in conjunction with our NGS panels and microarrays.

The Cambridge R&D Team

The R&D team based in Cambridge is focused on our CytoCell® fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) probes and is split into two sub-teams.

One sub-team is focused on the research (R) aspect of R&D, with the other team focused on the development (D) side.

The research team’s primary objective is to look into bringing in new technology to improve the procedures used for developing CytoCell FISH probes, particularly in the production of the probes. The team has a close working relationship with the Production team, who follow the procedures defined by the research team in the manufacturing of the FISH probes.

The development team, working alongside other teams including Marketing, Sales, Regulatory and Medical Affairs, develops new FISH probes that will end up being used in laboratories all over the world.