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  • Technology Arrays
  • Application Hematology, Solid tumor, Cytogenetics & rare disease
  • Gene Targets Whole genome
  • Product Code 020018
  • Regulatory Status For research use only; not for diagnostic procedures.


Introduction - Focused custom aCGH arrays designed by the microarray experts

CytoSure® Custom arrays allow you to benefit from OGT’s extensive array design expertise to produce an array matching your precise specifications. These arrays are ideal if you want to know the precise coordinates of an aberration by analyzing specific areas of the genome at high resolution.

  • Complete confidence in the design of your array
  • Flexible array content and format
  • Fast and easy data interpretation


Complete confidence in the design of your array

OGT have designed hundreds of custom arrays for some of the world’s leading researchers. All probes are in-silico optimized and optional empirical validation of the array content ensures optimal performance. Your project will be managed by one of our experienced bioinformaticians who, after extensive consultation, will create your bespoke array. Once your array has been created, the design can be viewed using the UCSC Genome Browser giving you complete confidence in your design.

Flexible array content and format

CytoSure Custom arrays can be designed against any fully or partially sequenced genome as well as against sequencing data. The array content is selected from OGT’s proprietary Oligome™ database — a database of more than 26 million oligonucleotide probes designed to the latest release of the human genome. In addition, OGT has extensively research-validated SNP content for detection of uniparental disomy (UPD) and loss of heterozygosity (LOH), which can be incorporated into the array design. CytoSure Custom arrays can be designed in a variety of formats depending on your desired level of focus, with 1, 2, 4, or 8 arrays available per slide to provide the most cost-effective solution for your research (Figure 1).

Fast and easy data generation

Our complimentary CytoSure Interpret Software, which accompanies all CytoSure arrays, is a powerful, easy-to-use package for the analysis of copy number variation (CNV) (Figure 2). Innovative features such as the Accelerate Workflow enable the automation of data analysis workflows, minimising the need for user intervention and maximizing the consistency and speed of data interpretation. CytoSure Interpret Software also includes extensive annotation tracks covering syndromes, genes, exons, CNVs and recombination hotspots — each of which link to publicly available databases such as Decipher and the Database of Genomic Variants providing results in context.

CytoSure Custom Designed aCGH Arrays workflow

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Content selection

Cyto Bar 1
  • CytoSure Custom Designed aCGH Arrays
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  • Agilent C or SureScan
  • Innopsys Innoscan 710 & 900
  • Axon / Molecular devices GenePix 4300 & 4400
  • NimbleGen MS200 / Tecan Power Scanner

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