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High quality, reliable and easy-to-use DNA probes for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)

Highly specific CytoCell® FISH probes detect genetic changes in a variety of sample types, in situ.

Developed by scientists, for scientists, OGT understands the real-world application of this technology. Our CytoCell range includes over 150 FISH probes for hematology, pathology and constitutional cytogenetics.

Our FDA-cleared Class II IVD FISH probe test kits have been specifically designed to detect chromosomal rearrangements reported in AML and MDS.

We also have many analyte specific reagent (ASR) FISH probes for use in laboratory developed tests (LDTs).

CytoCell’s hematology and pathology ranges include probes for genes such as P53 and HER2.

CytoCell’s constitutional range includes our subtelomere specific probes, satellite enumeration probes, and microdeletion probes. Our microdeletion probes target genes such as SHOX and SRY.

CytoCell myProbes® is a custom FISH probe design and manufacture service. By working in partnership with you, we can deliver probes to meet your specific requirements. From a simple modification of an existing catalog product, to a completely new and innovative project, you can be confident that our expert team will design and deliver a probe you can depend on.

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