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  • Product Code 020020 (24 reactions)
    500040 (96 reactions)
  • Regulatory Status For research use only; not for diagnostic procedures.



The labeling of DNA samples used in array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) is a critical step in the experimental process as poor labeling can result in inaccurate data. OGT’s CytoSure® Genomic DNA Labelling Kits have been uniquely developed and optimized to enable rapid delivery of high quality results with high signal-to-noise ratios.

  • Optimized formats to suit your throughput requirements
  • Reliable high quality results through higher signal intensity
  • Fast and simple procedure
  • Everything you need, from reagents to plasticware


Optimized formats to suit your throughput requirements

CytoSure Genomic DNA Labelling Kits are available in 2 formats to suit your throughput requirements. The CytoSure Genomic DNA Labelling Kit enables labeling of 24 samples and is ideal for labs running one or two arrays a week. The CytoSure HT Genomic DNA Labelling Kit is designed specifically for high-throughput labs and allows simultaneous labeling of 96 samples. This plate-based format offers faster sample processing, a lower cost per sample and decreased sample-to-sample variation using a master mix format. It is also easier to automate and track samples.

Reliable high quality results

CytoSure Genomic DNA Labelling Kits have been rigorously tested with a wide range of sample types to ensure optimal performance. The unique formulation ensures superior signal-to-noise ratios allowing confident detection of copy number variation (Figure 1). This high signal-to-noise ratio means that even small aberrations can be reliably detected (Figure 2).

Fast and simple procedure

CytoSure Genomic DNA Labelling Kits offer much faster DNA labelling and clean up than traditional enzymatic labeling procedures. Labeling reactions using both the 24 and 96 reaction kits can easily be completed in a single day (Figure 3). The procedure can also be automated for implementation in high-throughput workflows.

Everything you need, from reagents to plasticware

OGT offers the complete labeling solution — protocols, reagents, clean-up plates or columns and collection tubes. The unique kit formulation has been optimized for use with CytoSure arrays, which offer a wide variety of content and formats to suit your specific requirements. CytoSure arrays utilize 60-mer oligonucleotide probes, which are proven to offer higher signal-to-noise ratios and increased sensitivity and specificity1.

CytoSure products provide a complete and integrated solution for cytogenetics research in your lab — from DNA labeling and arrays to analysis software and full workflow automation.

CytoSure array workflow

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Cyto Bar 2
  • CytoSure Genomic DNA Labelling Kits
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Cyto Bar 3
  • Agilent C or SureScan
  • Innopsys Innoscan 710 & 900
  • Axon / Molecular devices GenePix 4300 & 4400
  • NimbleGen MS200 / Tecan Power Scanner


  1. Curtis, C. et al (2009) The pitfalls of platform comparison: DNA copy number array technologies assessed. BMC Genomics 10, 588-610

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