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Let's take the journey to Constitutional NGS together

Let OGT smooth the way for you with the CytoSure® Constitutional NGS solution.

Delivering robust CNV detection down to single-exon level, as well as SNVs, indels, LOH and mosaicism, it’s everything you can get from an array (and more).

Improve temperature stability & reduce breakages

Our comprehensive range of FISH accessories includes porcelain wash jars -- designed for improved temperature stability and reduced breakages. Up to 12 slides can be processed at one time.

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NHS study confirms OGT

NHS study confirms OGT's CytoSure v3 array has a significantly higher reporting rate than older generation microarrays

A study led by a consortium of NHS genomic medicine centres in the UK who analysed over 27,000 patient samples confirms that OGT’s CytoSure Constitutional v3 array offers a significant increase in reporting rate (4.49%) for developmental disorder (DD) research, compared to traditional arrays.

In case you missed it

OGT customers have been busy telling their stories this year. View this archived presentation from ACMG 2021 and learn how utilising the CytoSure Constitutional NGS solution assists in the detection of genetic modifiers in families with reduced penetrance or uncertain CNVs. Presented by Dr. Elizabeth McCready.

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Upcoming events: don

Upcoming events: don't miss out!

Bookmark our events page for details on upcoming opportunities to meet. On the calendar: Festival of Genomics, London.

SureSeq Pan Myeloid NGS Panel

Focus your myeloid disorder analysis with help from OGT -- The SureSeq™ Pan-Myeloid NGS Panel detects key variants in 70 genes implicated in a wide range of myeloid disorders, delivering a comprehensive picture of the genetic make-up of each sample. Got a minute?

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FISH Tips and Tricks

OGT experts are regularly sharing their optimisation tips, watch-outs and troubleshooting advice for FISH, arrays and NGS. Looking to improve your result?