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TeloMark probes selection guide Image

TeloMark probes selection guide

Subtelomere FISH analysis is commonly used to detect small rearrangements involving the telomeric regions of chromosomes.

CytoSure Constitutional NGS

Easily generate your ID/DD array data from NGS. Ready to switch? We're here to help. CytoSure Constitutional NGS offers the same superior CNV calling as arrays -- but with the added benefit of SNV and Indel calling.

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New: What

New: What's wrong with my NGS?

Identify and resolve common issues that may occur during the NGS workflow.

ESHG Online Conference

Mark your calendars for ESHG 2021. Visit our events page for more information.

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Meet your Field Application Specialists Image

Meet your Field Application Specialists

OGT's support team shares their extensive expertise and experience in the fields of FISH, arrays and NGS. Have a question?

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