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Adrianna Lagraulet (Innopsys)



OGT’s CytoSure® products provide researchers with the complete solution for highly accurate detection and interpretation of chromosomal abnormalities. They facilitate high-throughput analysis of the whole human genome to accurately identify the genetic variation underlying hundreds of genetic disorders and congenital syndromes that cause developmental delay. Critical to success, is the use a scanner which offers ease-of-use, high precision and reliability of results with a wide range of array formats and densities.

The InnoScan® 710 scanner from Innopys is a widely used, low cost, portable microarray scanner capable of scanning microarray slides with a resolution of 3 µm. It is the fastest scanner on the market with an adjustable reading speed from 10 to 35 lines per second. Offering reliable and traceable results, with a barcode reader, InnoScan 710 provides accurate control of acquired images and is supplied with a validation slide and associated Mapix® software that verifies scanner performance as well as offering a sophisticated feature extraction function.

With two high performance lasers with an excitation of 532nm and 635nm, the InnoScan 710 scanner complements OGT’s CytoSure range of microarray slides, reagents and analysis software. This application note illustrates the use of the InnoScan 710 scanner and Mapix with a range of OGT CytoSure cytogenetic array formats.

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