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TrayloaderWe’re excited to have entered into a new partnership* with Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI), a global leader in advanced biomedical imaging.

This strategic alliance allows us to market ASI’s proprietary cytogenetic imaging and analysis solutions in Great Britain, including their digital FISH analysis platform, HiFISH™.

By combining our high quality, easy-to-use CytoCell® FISH probes with ASI’s HiFISH platform, labs can streamline their FISH workflow with this end-to-end digital FISH analysis solution.

ASI’s product portfolio includes an extensive range of IVDR compliant solutions for chromosome analysis and karyotyping, digital FISH diagnostics and automated imaging platforms that are ideally suited for in vitro diagnostic applications.

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FISH imaging softwareHiFISH is an industry-leading digital analysis platform that combines automated FISH scanning and capture with real-time analysis of haematological and solid tumour samples.

HiFISH can identify translocations and chromosomal origins, plus simultaneous detection of all chromosomal aberrations in one hybridisation.

By offering cutting-edge automation and image analysis capabilities, HiFISH can realise the full potential of CytoCell FISH probes that are suitable for a variety of sample types in situ, making them highly compatible with the ASI portfolio.

ASI’s powerful imaging technology used in conjunction with CytoCell FISH probes provides laboratories with an advanced end-to-end solution for slide preparation, scanning and imaging, quantitative analysis, reporting and LIMS connectivity:

ASI End-to-end automated FISH analysis solution, simplified

Offering increased throughput, faster turnaround times and fewer manual interventions, this end-to-end solution allows CytoCell FISH customers to increase their lab productivity by integrating automated FISH analysis into their workflow.

ASI Provide your customers with accurate FISH results faster with minimal hands-on time

The combined availability of ASI platforms and CytoCell FISH probes allow laboratories to enhance their capabilities to perform comprehensive genomic analysis and improve diagnostic accuracy. With the shared goal of advancing genetic clinical care, ASI and OGT can help drive the diagnostic capabilities of FISH testing and aid clinical decision makers to reach decisions that improve patient outcomes.

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For more information about the ASI imaging systems available in Great Britain, please complete the contact form and one of our FISH experts will be in touch soon.

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* ASI products are available via OGT in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) only.