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Product summary

  • Technology FISH
  • Application Solid tumour
  • Areas of interest Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, Sarcoma, Prostate cancer
  • Region 20q13.2
  • Label    
  • Product Code LPS 005 (10 tests)
    LPS 005-S (5 tests)
  • Regulatory Status In vitro diagnostic. This product is intended to be used on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. Disease information supported by the literature and is not a reflection of the intended purpose of this product.



Probe specification

  • ZNF217, 20q13.2, Red
  • 20pter, 20p13, Green

The ZNF217 Amplification probe consists of a 197kb red probe spanning the ZNF217 gene and neighbouring regions. The accompanying 20pter probe in green acts as a control for chromosome 20.


Probe information

The Zinc Finger protein 217 gene (ZNF217), which functions as a transcription repressor for a variety of genes1, is a strong oncogene candidate mapped within the 260kb minimum common amplicon at 20q13.22.

ZNF217 is amplified in breast cancer2,3, ovarian cancer and other tumours3,4,5 and is associated with aggressive tumour behaviour6. It has been shown that the silencing of ZNF217 inhibits ovarian cancer cell growth and their invasive ability in cancer cell lines7.


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FFPE tissue preparation and FISH protocol

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Heat pretreatment

1. Heat Pretreatment Dark Blue
  • Heat 50ml Tissue Pretreatment Solution (Reagent 1) in a porcelain wash jar or coplin jar immersed in a waterbath until it is either boiling or 98 - 100°C.
  • Boil slides for 30 minutes (Note: different incubation times may be required depending on tissue fixation. A 30-minute incubation is a recommended starting point).
  • Wash in PBS or dH2O at room temperature (RT) for 2 x 3 minutes.
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Solid tumour FFPE FISH protocol

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