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  • Technology Custom FISH
  • Application Haematology, Solid tumour, Cytogenetics & rare disease
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  • Product Code Various
  • Regulatory Status For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Custom probes are specifically developed for individual customers’ RESEARCH USE ONLY (RUO) requirements and not with the intention of being used for in vitro diagnostic examination. Therefore, prior to any future ordering of these probes, users should review the design of such probes to confirm they are suitable for their requirements.


Custom FISH Probes designed to your specifications

myProbes® is a custom design and manufacture service that provides unique fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) probes using the BAC-2- FISH™ process. This process utilises Cytocell’s proprietary BAC clone collection containing >220,000 clones to produce fully quality-assured custom FISH probes for virtually any sequence in the entire human genome. Over 2,000 myProbes projects have been completed since 2010.

Based on your specific interests and research, custom FISH probes may range from a simple catalogue probe modification to a truly unique product.

CytoCell offers expert consultation from start to finish on your project. Contact us to learn more.

  • Step 1. Select the gene/target of interest
  • Step 2. Specify the sample type(s)
  • Step 3. Specify the probe strategy required
  • Step 4. Choose the colour

All custom myProbes are tested on your specific sample type (when available) to ensure reproducibility. Our process and quality assurances are designed to produce high-quality probes and accurate results.

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