About Hero

OGT has patent families covering areas that are relevant to the biological sciences such as microarrays and genomics.

Use of these products is covered by the following granted patents owned by Oxford Gene Technology (Operations) Ltd: EP 2,521,794; US 9,587,278; and pending applications.


OGT has patents for:


CytoSure Constitutional v3 +LOH Array (4x180k)

Product Code: 020047


CytoSure ISCA +SNP (8x60k)

Product Code: 020052


CytoSure ISCA +SNP (4x180k)

Product code 020051


CytoSure ISCA UPD (4x180k)

Product Code: 020050


CytoSure Haematological Cancer +SNP (8x60k)

Product Code: 020070


CytoSure Cancer +SNP (4x180k)

Product Code: 700090


CytoSure Consortium Cancer +SNP (4x180k)

Product Code: 020071


CytoSure custom +SNP arrays

Product Code: Various