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Product summary

  • Technology FISH
  • Application Cytogenetics & rare disease
  • Areas of interest Constitutional
  • Region Yp11.31
  • Label      
  • Product No. LPU 026-A (100μl)
    LPU 026-SA (50μl)
  • Intended use Analyte specific reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.



Probe specification

  • SRY, Yp11.31, Red
  • DYZ1, Yq12, Green
  • DXZ1, Xp11.1-q11.1, Blue

The SRY probe, labeled in red, consists of two non-overlapping probes, 30kb and 50kb. The probes cover the entire SRY gene and flanking DNA, including the RPS4Y1 gene. The probe mix also contains control probes for the X centromere (DXZ1), labeled in blue, and for chromosome Y (DYZ1, the heterochromatic block at Yq12), labeled in green.

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