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Product summary

  • Technology FISH
  • Application Cytogenetics & rare disease
  • Areas of interest Constitutional
  • Region 22q11.21
  • Label    
  • Product Code LPU 004-A (100μl)
    LPU 004-SA (50μl)
  • Regulatory Status Analyte specific reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.



Probe specification

  • TUPLE1, 22q11.21, Red
  • N85A3, 22q13.33, Green

The TUPLE1 probe is 113kb, labeled in red, and covers most of the TUPLE1 (HIRA) gene. The N85A3 (44kb) probe, labeled in green, is located within 22q13.3 and covers the telomeric end of the SHANK3 gene, allowing for identification of the most distal 22q13.3 deletions. The two unique sequences provide control probes for each other and allow identification of chromosome 22.

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