Interpret NGS analysis software tutorial series

Interpret is a powerful and easy-to-use next generation sequencing analysis solution. Optimised for use with OGT's CytoSure™ and SureSeq™ NGS panels for confident detection of a wide range of variants and structural aberrations. This tutorial series will introduce you to some of the intuitive features offered by the software.

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1. Introduction to Interpret NGS analysis software

Learn about Interpret, OGT’s powerful and easy-to-use next generation sequencing analysis solution, designed to work seamlessly with SureSeq™ and CytoSure™ NGS panels.


2. Interpret NGS analysis software - FASTQ Upload

Learn how easy it is to upload sample FASTQ files into OGT’s Interpret software and use them to create a batch for data analysis.


3. Interpret NGS analysis software - Viewing analysis batches

Learn how simply you can navigate round your analysis batch results and generate batch reports up front of variant analysis.


4. Interpret NGS analysis software – QC metrics

Learn how Interpret software creates easy to navigate displays of QC metrics to help users access the performance of their sequencing runs.

SureSeq and CytoSure: For research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures