CytoSure™ Interpret Software Tutorial Series

CytoSure Interpret Software is class-leading software for the analysis of aCGH data, offering an impressive combination of features that allow you the choice of a standardised data analysis or customised, user-defined analysis. View our videos below and learn about some of the great features offered by our software.

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1. Introduction - CytoSure Interpret Software for aCGH analysis

Learn about the workflow and basic feature of our software with our quick overview video.


2. Workflow Part One - Data processing and analysis of aCGH data

Learn about the different options CytoSure Interpret offers for processing your aCGH data.


3. Workflow Part Two - Loading, reviewing and reporting the analysis of aCGH data

Learn about the most popular features offered by CytoSure Interpret for the import and interpretation of your data.


4. Target regions

A guide to the new target regions feature available in CytoSure Interpret Software version 4.10 onwards, allowing the user to focus their analysis on specific regions of interest in the data.


5. Automatic sample ID detection and processing

Learn about the options CytoSure Interpret provides for automating, uploading and processing sample ID information to the database.


6. Automatic classification of aberrations

Learn about the automatic CNV classification feature in CytoSure Interpret. The video covers the set up and customisation of classifier sets, how they can aid the interpretation process and provide a faster, more standardised analytical workflow.


7. Probe filtering

Learn about the wide range of user-defined probe filtering options in CytoSure Interpret. The video explores the various probe filter parameters available, how to apply them and how they can be used to refine data analysis.


8. Updating Annotation Tracks

Learn more about the new annotation track update feature in CytoSure Interpret version 4.11. The video details how to check for annotation track updates and access the very latest versions.


CytoSure™ products are for research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures.