NGS Success - All Purification Procedures

View next generation sequencing (NGS) tips for the purification procedures:

  • Be sure to prepare fresh 70% ETOH daily for washes. ETOH may evaporate over time and leave your mix at <70% ETOH. As ETOH evaporates, the concentration of your solution decreases. This may result in DNA being eluted from your Ampure XP beads and being discarded as waste supernatant. This may lead to the loss of important sample and experimental failure.
  • AMPure bead drying - make sure the beads are dry, but do not over dry.
  • Decreased yield and increased DNA damage will occur if overdried.

Fig 1. Examples of wet, dry and overdried beadsFigure 1. Examples of wet, dry and overdried beads


SureSeq™: For research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures.