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From pre-analytical QC to running the sequencer, this is the place to find the latest tips and advice from our sequencing experts for all stages of the NGS protocol.

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Test thermocyclers and consumables to be used during hybridisation and wash steps if using alternatives to minimise evaporation. Evaporation of the wash buffers alters the ratio of buffer:sample. This may lead to less efficient washing of the DNA hybridised to the streptavidin beads.

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  1. Pre-analytical QC
  2. All Purification Procedures
  3. DNA Shearing
  4. End repair and 3’ end ‘A’ Tailing
  5. Adaptor ligation
  6. PCR1 Optimisation
  7. Hybridisation Temperature Optimisation
  8. Preparing Magnetic Beads
  9. Hybrid Capture
  10. Washing Streptavidin Beads
  11. Post-Capture PCR
  12. Running the sequencer

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