Emory Genetics Laboratory chooses OGT CytoSure arrays

Tuesday 23 August 2011
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Emory Genetics Laboratory has chosen Oxford Gene Technology as their preferred platform for clinical cytogenetics and molecular genetics research. The ability to use a single platform for cytogenetics and molecular genetics research, the capabilities and flexibility of their software, and excellent customer service were all factors in this decision. Drs. David Ledbetter and Christa Martin at Emory initiated and lead the International Standard Cytogenomic Array (ISCA) Consortium, and will be using the OGT CytoSure ISCA 8x60 and 4x180 formats in their laboratory. Dr. Madhuri Hegde directs the molecular genetics laboratory at Emory and is designing and utilising a number of OGT high-resolution deletion-duplication arrays for single gene and multi-gene disease panels.

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