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Wednesday 2 April 2014
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Annotation Searching

CytoSure Interpret Software v4.5 provides enhanced support for flexible searching of all annotation tracks via Ctrl+F or View -> Find Annotation.... The Find Annotations window allows the user to enter, for example, the name of a gene of interest and instantly list the location of annotations matching the name in a table.  

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Selecting an annotation from the list will result in immediate navigation to the region covered by the annotation in the Genomic View so that it may be visualised in the context of the currently loaded aCGH data.

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In addition, the Find Annotations interface now also records all previous annotation searches in order to provide convenient access to regularly examined regions of interest. Users may build up a list of such annotations by simply searching for them so that they appear in the Previous Searches box, and may modify the list by using the Remove button as appropriate.

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Searching for these annotations can subsequently be achieved by simply double-clicking on the search text in the list, avoiding the need to repeatedly enter gene names.

Although the obvious use of the Find Annotations interface is to search for genes of interest, it can be used to search for annotations in any track in the user’s database, including custom annotation tracks. For example, examination of the Prader-Willi Syndrome region can be achieved by entering “Prader*” in the text field (the asterisk acts as a “wildcard”, so the software will search for all annotations with a name beginning with “Prader”) and pressing the Search button.

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