CytoSure™ Interpret Software — Tips and Tricks

Friday 19 August 2011
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Automated Data Analysis

Standardise and automate data analysis using the "Accelerate" Workflow.


The unique “Accelerate” Workflow is an alternative interface for sample processing within OGT’s CytoSure Interpret Software, in which all data processing settings are fixed throughout the analysis, thus enabling:

Standardisation of the data analysis protocol

As all options are fixed through the analysis of any individual sample, users can ensure that subsequent samples are processed in exactly the same way, guaranteeing consistency in aberration detection methods and reducing subjectivity in data interpretation.

Storage of data processing settings for each sample

The name of the protocol used to analyse each sample is stored in CytoSure Interpret Software’s local database and included in generated reports, so users know exactly how each sample has been processed.

Acceleration of data analysis by automation of common processes

Standard analysis methods such as normalisation, circular binary segmentation (aberration detection), report generation and database submission can all be carried out with minimal input required from the user, resulting in a faster turnaround for data interpretation.

Guidance to the user at each stage of the analysis

The workflow interface consists of 6 stages of user intervention, namely LoadProcessDescribeReviewClassify and Report. The user begins by clicking the Load button and selecting the files to be analysed, and from this point onwards is guided through the analysis workflow by the software. If, at any point, the user is unsure of what to do next, help is available for each stage of the workflow by clicking on the associated “?” button (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Each stage of the workflow is accompanied by detailed help information to guide the user though the process.

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In order to utilise the “Accelerate” workflow, users first select a protocol with which their data is to be processed, or create their own.  Protocol settings cover a number of areas, including aberration detection, classification, normalisation and report generation. Creation of new protocols is a very straightforward process, with users able to create and save multiple protocols.

For more information on the Accelerate Workflow, please refer to section 11 (page 123) of the CytoSure Interpret Software User Guide.

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