CytoSure™ Interpret Software — Tips and Tricks

Friday 19 August 2011
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Batch Processing

Increase analysis throughput and save time by combining Batch Processing of CytoSure aCGH data with Interpret’s “Accelerate” Workflow

OGT’s CytoSure Interpret Software provides the ability to pre-analyse data generated from CytoSure arrays using its Batch Processing facility. This module enables the software to apply analysis protocol options set by the user whilst processing an unlimited number of samples using its built-in Circular Binary Segmentation (CBS) algorithm for identifying chromosomal abnormalities.

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Once complete, the processed samples can then be loaded into Interpret’s “Accelerate” Workflow, a new feature that guides the user through the analysis and interpretation process whilst ensuring standardisation of analysis via its protocols system. As the data has been pre-processed before being loaded, aberrations are identified immediately by the software, saving the user valuable time for interpretation.


For more information on Batch Processing and the Accelerate Workflow, please refer to the CytoSure Interpret Software User Guide, section 5.2 (page 53) and section 11 (page124) respectively.

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CytoSure™ products are for research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures.