Advance your research into stratification in clinical trials and therapeutic response

Thursday 25 February 2016
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Small Box Ovarian CancerOxford Gene Technology’s SureSeq™ Ovarian Cancer Panel is a 7-gene hybridisation based NGS panel that allows the analysis of variants associated with ovarian, breast and prostate cancer.

We can also offer customisation of this panel to meet your specific research requirements.

The panel has been used in research into therapeutic response in clinical trials including GANNET53 (Ganetespib in Metastatic, p53-mutant, Platinum-resistant Ovarian Cancer).

Thumbnail of data

The data to the left shows an FFPE sample with 12 bp deletion in TP53. To see more data like this, download our short presentation and see for yourself how the data obtained from the SureSeq Ovarian Cancer Panel can help advance your research.

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