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High-quality products for processing aCGH samples.

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Improve test reproducibility and lower costs, while saving hours of valuable hands-on time with the full suite of automation instruments from OGT. These instruments provide clinical researchers with a powerful way to automate their microarray workflow

OGT automation instruments deliver:

  • High-quality, reproducible data through minimised process variability
  • Reduced processing time and operating costs
  • Control of potentially damaging ozone levels in your lab

High-quality, reproducible data through minimised process variability

Reducing the variation that occurs when samples are processed manually ensures that only the true biological variability in your samples is identified, thereby giving you greater confidence in your results.

Control of potentially damaging Ozone levels in your lab

Ozone can rapidly degrade cyanine 5 (Cy5), the fluorescent dye commonly used to label DNA or RNA in microarray experiments. Cyanine 3 (Cy3) is much less affected by ozone, meaning that the degradation of the Cy5 channel in any two-colour microarray experiment will result in an incorrect Cy5/Cy3 ratio, resulting in unreliable data. We supply a range of ozone cabinets built to accommodate scanners and automation instruments that provide a safe, ozone-controlled environment for array processing. Find out more about the potentially damaging effects of ozone in our tutorial article.

Labefficiency™ — Hyb Oven

Labefficiency™ — Hyb Oven













Complete hybridisation system for Agilent microarrays consisting of rotating oven with convection heating system, hybridisation cassettes and rotator. Cassettes hold up to 4 slides each. Rotator holds up to 8 cassettes (32 slides) for rotational mixing during incubation.

Labefficiency — O3Zone Workspace 

The Labefficiency O3Zone Workspage is a bench top enclosure with an external, high efficiency ozone filtration system that provides a clean, ozone-safe, low light workspace for microarray work. Various sizes are available to enclose a range of microarray equipment. Maintains an ozone level below 5 parts per billion (ppb).

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