OGT Grants DNA Sequence Variation Licence to Biotype Diagnostics GmbH

Monday 22 November 2010

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), provider of innovative genetics and biomarker solutions to advance molecular medicine, and Biotype Diagnostics GmbH are pleased to announce the completion of a licence agreement granting Biotype access to OGT patents for the detection of DNA sequence variations. The licence, which will remain valid for the lifetime of the patents, provides Biotype with certain rights with respect to SNP genotyping.

Sue Sutton, VP Business Development at OGT, said: “OGT continues to develop its licensing programme and is pleased to license our sequence variation patents to Biotype. These patents are an important part of OGT’s broad patent portfolio and, together with Biotype’s microarray platform, gives customers access to a new, comprehensive way of detecting commercially important wood-rotting fungi.”

Wilhelm Zorgiebel, Executive Director at Biotype, commented: "We are pleased to enter into this licensing arrangement with OGT, a company that is recognised as being at the forefront of molecular technology. This agreement helps us to develop our own microarray technology platform for various applications in medicine and analytics. Our first product, which is completely unique in the market, is the Mycotype® BasidioQS Microarray Detection Kit, which allows the fast and sensitive, simultaneous analysis of the 27 most important wood-rotting basidiomycetes in Europe.”  

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Notes for editors:

About Oxford Gene Technology

Founded by Professor Ed Southern, Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) provides innovative genetics research and biomarker solutions to advance molecular medicine.  The company has two trading businesses: Genomics comprises of CytoSure™ cytogenetics array, labelling and interpretation software products and services for the detection of chromosomal abnormalities, and Genefficiency™ Genomic Services, a unique combination of platforms, expertise and processing capabilities to deliver rapid, relevant genomic data. The Biomarkers business utilises proprietary next generation technologies to build a rich patent-protected portfolio of promising biomarkers for early stage cancer detection including advanced programmes in colorectal and prostate cancer plus the autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus.

CytoSure™ and Genefficiency™ NGS browser: For Research Use Only; Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures

CytoSure: This product is provided under an agreement between Agilent Technologies, Inc., and OGT. The manufacture, use, sale or import of this product may be subject to one or more of U.S. patents, pending applications, and corresponding international equivalents, owned by Agilent Technologies, Inc. The purchaser has the non-transferable right to use and consume the product for RESEARCH USE ONLY AND NOT for DIAGNOSTICS PROCEDURES. It is not intended for use, and should not be used, for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of any disease or condition, or for the investigation of any physiological process, in any identifiable human, or for any other medical purpose.


About Biotype

Biotype Diagnostic GmbH was founded in 1999. It is situated in the GebäudeEnsemble Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau in the north of Dresden, Germany. The company specialises in genotyping and in molecular biological analysis employed in forensics, human or veterinary medicine, as well as in construction surveys. Biotype develops, produces and distributes molecular genetic test systems for fast and sensitive PCR diagnostics. The product portfolio varies from test kits for genetic identification of humans and animals, in vitro diagnostics in human medicine, as well as for molecular detection of human and veterinary pathogens, to a complete-kit for diagnostics of wood-rotting fungi applied in construction surveys. All products are based on the technology of multiplex PCR for subsequent analysis using microarray detection, capillary gel electrophoresis or Real-Time-PCR. For further information on Biotype visit http://www.biotype.de.

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