Sysmex and the Kobe Marathon

Monday 24 December 2018

For eleven years, The Kobe Marathon has taken place each November in Kobe, Japan, the hometown of the Sysmex headquarters. With a theme of “thanks and friendship” to express gratitude to the people who assisted in the reconstruction of the area following the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, the Kobe marathon is now over 20,000 runners, with thousands cheering along the course. 

This year, OGT was proud to send Cytocell Product Manager Alex Hobbs to join the team of Sysmex runners representing Sysmex EMEA, APAC and JEA (pictured) at the 2019 Kobe Marathon on Sunday, November 19.

Finishing with a time of 3:38 hrs, Alex answered some questions for eFISH after the event.

Q: Was this your first marathon?

Alex: This was my second marathon after running the Bournemouth Marathon in Oct-17’.

Q: Can you describe the course and the weather that day in Kobe? 

Alex: It was a cold start, we were given bright yellow gloves at the start but it warmed up very quickly, reaching around 18-20°C by mid-morning. It was a relatively flat course. The route was a loop around Kobe harbour, however the toughest section was the last 3 miles where we had to run over a very steep bridge! The views were incredible. We ran through the city and out into the suburbs.

Q: Were there lots of people cheering along the course?

Alex: Yes, thousands! It was really well supported with many families with young kids on stand by to high-five the runners.

Q: Are there any marathon traditions that were different than your experience with running road races in the UK?

Alex: I was surprised by the number of runners in fancy dress costumes, lots of men wearing dresses and Santa outfits. There were plenty of water stations, probably more than usual. Each stop did have an array of Japanese snacks to choose from, including fish paste sticks, salted kelp and bean jam sandwiches.