OGT expands its portfolio of Cytocell pathology FISH probes

Tuesday 28 July 2015
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Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), The Molecular Genetics Company, is extending its portfolio of Cytocell® Pathology FISH probes with the addition of eight new probes. OGT offers the widest range of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) probes on the market, delivering a cost-effective and reliable solution for anyone engaged in FISH.

The new additions to the Cytocell range include high-quality pathology FISH probes for 1q25, 1p36, 19p13, 19q13, ROS1-GOPC and RET. In addition to pathology probes, a large number of other probes are available, including haematology and haematopathology probes, as well as whole chromosome and murine chromosome painting probes. Importantly, Cytocell FISH probes provide bright signals for accurate scoring leading to consistent results, backed up by full evaluation support from OGT. Dr Eric Crawford, senior director, Genetics Associates Inc., discusses his experience of OGT’s Cytocell FISH products: "Not only do Cytocell offer an extensive range of high-quality FISH probes, the customer support is also excellent — providing fast access to all the probes I need. The probes are highly consistent with bright signals allowing easy scoring of results."

The addition of eight new pathology probes highlights OGT’s ongoing commitment to the FISH market following its acquisition of Cytocell in June 2014. Dr Mike Evans, CEO of OGT commented: “We are delighted to be expanding our already extensive portfolio of Cytocell FISH probes. Through our exceptional probe quality and range, plus our dedicated support team, we believe that we offer the best value FISH products available.”

Find out more about the extensive range of Cytocell probes available at www.cytocell.com

The new additions to the Cytocell Aquarius® Pathology range are currently only available within North America as Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs). The products are available for sale from July 2015. CE-marked versions for sale in Europe are anticipated to launch later this year.

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Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) provides world-class genetics research solutions to leading clinical and academic research institutions. Founded by Professor Sir Edwin Southern, and with customers in over 60 countries worldwide, OGT has a strong reputation and increasing share in the large and growing genomic medicine market. The Company’s Cytocell®, CytoSure™, SureSeq™ and Genefficiency™ range of fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH), microarray and next generation sequencing (NGS) products and services deliver high-quality genetic analysis, enabling accurate identification and confirmation of the causative variation underlying genetic disease.

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CytoSure™, SureSeq™ and Genefficiency™: For Research Use Only; Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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