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June 2018 edition

We know that in a busy world it’s not always easy to find time to keep-up-to-date with new developments. This newsletter provides a quick update on the products and support available for you from Oxford Gene Technology.

We have a troubleshooting poster for microarrays, a great tool to help streamline your lab process - you can order a free copy for your lab wall too. Take a look also at our scientific poster exhibited at AMP Europe (April 2018).

Plus, find out more about our Field Application Scientists (FAS), on hand to offer you support in your lab when you need it.

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Aysel Heckel, VP Sales and Service, Americas

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CytoSure™ Cancer array

Shown here is a CLL research sample run on the CytoSure Consortium Cancer +SNP array (8x60k) with a deletion and corresponding LOH

Are you considering adopting arrays for CNV analysis in cancer research?

If so, read about our CytoSure cancer arrays to learn which array will best suit the needs of your laboratory and how our proprietary SNP technology allows our arrays to use any reference sample with no restriction digest required. This allows for paired normal DNA to be used as a reference and removing a digest that could compromise your samples.


With three different designs available, OGT microarrays can cater to any lab’s requirement.

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The Analysis of FFPE Samples by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) of Key Genes for Research into Breast and Ovarian Cancer

The Analysis of FFPE Samples by NGS of Key Genes for Research into Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Presented at AMP Europe 2018, this poster illustrates the confident detection of germline and somatic variants in key cancer-related genes when the SureSeq hybridisation-based approach is utilised in conjunction with the SureSeq FFPE Repair Mix.

The superior uniformity of coverage and excellent sensitivity facilitated the identification of one or more deleterious TP53 variant(s) with minor allele frequencies (MAF) ranging from 1 to 87% and additional low-level BRCA1 variants in 100 type II epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) tissue samples.

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Array Troubleshooting Poster

Poster: What's wrong with my arrays?

Array comparative genomic hybridisation (aCGH) is established as the tool of choice for finding CNVs and LOH in clinical genetics research.

However, the quality of the data provided by aCGH is highly dependent on good quality processing of samples. In order to help guide you through the most common troubleshooting issues when using arrays, we have created a new poster titled ‘What’s wrong with my arrays?’

The poster covers not only common issues and how to troubleshoot them, but also describes useful QC metrics and why these are important to review when analysing your data.

To request a free printed copy please contact us at

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Support for you from our experts

Mary Pierce-Burlingame, Field Application Scientist, SureSeq

Mary Pierce-Burlingame, Field Application Scientist, SureSeq

"I have over 7 years’ experience in the NGS industry as a licensed molecular technologist, helping laboratories implement the technology from wet bench to bioinformatics including quality control."

"My background in both biotechnology and customer service allows me to recognise laboratory obligations whilst providing a solid foundation for high quality library production and data analysis."

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Patricia Hixson, Field Application Scientist, CytoSure

Patricia Hixson, Field Application Scientist, CytoSure

"I have been involved in array CGH since 2005. I supervised a large microarray testing laboratory for four years prior to my position at OGT. My role as the CytoSure FAS includes supporting new and existing customers on the use of our microarray systems with demonstrations and onsite training."

"Having worked in a lab, I understand the urgency in getting issues resolved in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary delays. Regular communication with the customer is important to maintain good relationships."

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