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May 2018

In this issue of eFISH, we’re happy to recognise two US-based organisations that support and promote the cytogenomics and molecular community. Our interview with Erica Phillips includes recent news from AGT (the Association of Genetic Technologists) and FGT (the Foundation for Genetic Technology), including upcoming educational and professional events. 

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News from the field: Meet Erica Phillips, CG (ASCP), Clinical Cytogenetics Supervisor, Duke University Health System 

Erica Phillips

In addition to her role as Cytogenetic Supervisor at Duke University Health System, Erica serves as the FGT secretary and FGT Southeast Regional Genetics Meeting (SERG) coordinator.

Together, AGT and FGT promote services that enhance recognition of the genetics profession.  

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Product news: Have you tried Cytocell Prenatal FISH Probes? 

Prenatal FISH

Our prenatal kits contain fluorescent probes for easy identification of trisomies 21, 18 and 13, as well as sex chromosome aneuploidies. 

When rapid results really matter, choose Cytocell Aquarius FAST prenatal FISH probes; utilise our 2-hour hybridisation protocol to meet the demands of urgent turnaround times, without compromising on signal quality.

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Field Notes: See what customers are saying about Cytocell FISH probes

Jennie Thurston

"In our hands, Cytocell FISH probes, including the ROS1 Proximal and ROS1 Distal probes, have proven to be of the highest quality with bright, easy to interpret signals, thus providing confidence in our results. Cytocell’s customer support is outstanding, as their staff are extremely knowledgeable and truly care about their customers and their customers’ needs." - Jennie Thurston, PhD, Director of Cytogenetics at Carolinas Pathology Group

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