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April 2019

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FAST FISH prenatal kits

FAST prenatal FISH probes

When rapid results really matter for prenatal testing, choose Aquarius® FAST FISH Prenatal Kits.

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Cytocell® TeloMark Kit

Aquarius TeloMark Kit

The Cytocell TeloMark kit consists of 41 subtelomere specific probes, three centromere and six locus specific probes (50 different probes in total).

Evaluation samples are available to qualified requests in the UK and Germany.

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Have you tried our custom FISH probes?

myProbes® custom FISH probes

Paul Roberts, a Consultant Scientist at Leeds Genetics Laboratory, Leeds, UK, compares his experience of using a custom Cytocell FISH probe from OGT with that of another manufacturer:

We decided to try the Cytocell TGFBR3 custom probe after struggling to get a satisfactory analysis with a TGFBR3 probe from a different manufacturer. The Cytocell probe has a far superior quality, with bright, clear signals.

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Your challenging cases

Amplification of MYCN in a neuroblastoma case

The winning entry of ‘The Most Challenging Case’ competition at the Cytocell User Group Meeting held in Rome last month comes to us from Dr Serena Ruaso at Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Rome.

This FISH image shows amplification of MYCN in a neuroblastoma case. Thank you, Dr. Ruaso.

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