CytoSure™ Constitutional NGS - NGS and arrays, the best of both worlds in a single assay

CytoSure NGS

Thank you for your interest in OGT’s CytoSure Constitutional NGS solution.

The CytoSure Constitutional NGS solution delivers:

  • The ability to detect CNV, SNV, indel, LOH, Mosaicism – everything you get from arrays and NGS in a single assay
  • Advanced panel design and software – robust single-exon CNV calling unlike other large targeted panels or exomes
  • The most up-to-date content for ID and DD – giving you the best chance to identify aberrations of interest
  • A targeted >700-gene panel, minimising VUS detection – helping you to minimise analysis time
  • Cost-effective analysis – don’t spend time and effort sequencing, storing and analysing data that is not relevant


Next Generation Sequencing
Copy number variation
Single nucleotide variant
Insertion/Deletion Loss of Heterozygosity
Intellectual disability
Developmental delay
Variant of uncertain significance


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CytoSure Constitutional NGS

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