Microarrays for research into constitutional cytogenetics, rare disease and cancer

Microarrays from OGT

For a number of years, microarrays have been considered the gold standard for research into copy number variation (CNV) and loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in constitutional, rare disease and cancer applications. The technique has enabled researchers to identify significantly more CNV and other structural alterations compared to traditional techniques such as karyotyping or MLPA.

The CytoSure™ range of microarrays provide a comprehensive choice of highly customisable array formats for research into constitutional and rare disease genetics, haematological cancer and pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS). Many of the CytoSure arrays are also highly targeted to allow detection of microdeletions and duplications at exon-level resolution.


CytoSure Interpret Software

CytoSure Interpret Software update guide and user guide

We have recently released an update to our industry-leading CytoSure Interpret Software (4.10).

Update Guide

Discover the new features designed to further enhance the analysis of OGT CytoSure arrays, including:

  • Target region selection
  • Custom CNV fields
  • GRCh Notation
  • Template-based report customisation

For the full feature list download the update guide. To upgrade your installation to 4.10 please contact us at support@ogt.com.

User Guide

Learn about the powerful array of features available in CytoSure Interpret Software by reviewing our latest User Guide.

Featured Product

CytoSure Constitutional Array

CytoSure Constitutional v3 and Constitutional v3 +LOH Arrays

Enhanced exon-level CNV coverage of developmental disorder genes and reliable detection of loss of heterozygosity, all on a single array. This gives the best of both worlds — accurate identification of CNVs, LOH, UPD and consanguineous samples.

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Featured Resources

Discover more with the exon resolution design of the CytoSure Constitutional v3 microarray

Whitepaper: Discover more with the exon resolution design of the CytoSure Constitutional v3 microarray

This whitepaper by Dominic McMullan, West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory, Birmingham, UK, demonstrates that the CytoSure Constitutional v3 microarray can detect variants not detectable by other microarray platforms.

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The impact of microarray probe design on detecting copy number variants at exon-resolution

Application note: The impact of microarray probe design on detecting copy number variants at exon-resolution

CNV plays a part in many different genetic disorders. To understand the full genetic spectrum of variants in any sample it is crucial to carry out CNV analysis at the highest resolution possible. Read our new application note to learn how microarray design impacts the ability of arrays to accurately detect CNV at high resolutions.

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CytoSure Interpret Software Video Series

Tutorial Video Series: Learn about what industry-leading CytoSure Interpret Software has to offer

CytoSure Interpret Software is class-leading software for the analysis of aCGH data, offering an impressive combination of features that allow you the choice of a standardised data analysis or customised, user-defined analysis.

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CytoSure: For research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures