Quality assurance

Oxford Gene Technology is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services. We also understand that information assets should be handled with the utmost care to prevent loss. To meet these needs, we have developed an integrated management system and we have been awarded several independent certifications and accreditations.The OGT management system includes a quality policy which underpins the management of OGT’s products and is available upon request.

OGT Management System

Our management system is continually monitored and improved, and is subject to regular internal audit by trained management system auditors as well as independent external audits by certification and accreditation bodies.

Independent certifications and accreditations 

ISO 9001:2015

BSI 9001 v1Certified by BSI since June 2010, ISO 9001:2015 certification of our quality management system demonstrates our commitment to the delivery of products and services of the highest quality. OGT maintains systems that enable us to meet expectations as well as continually improve our business practices in a changing world. View our certificate

ISO 27001:2013

BSI 27001ISO 27001:2013 certification acknowledges that ‘information’ (in all forms; written, verbal, electronic, personnel and materials) is of highest value to OGT’s stakeholders and clients, demonstrating that we have put systems in place to protect information that we have been entrusted to use.

The OGT information security management system, certified by BSI since August 2010, ensures that formalised procedures are in place for the protection of all types of information, as a matter of course. Should problems occur, business continuity procedures and disaster recovery plans ensure that information is protected, while priority services and access to information are maintained. View our certificate

Agilent Certified Service Provider / Agilent High-Throughput Certified Service Provider

AgilentHTSOGT has been awarded Agilent Certified Service Provider since 2008 and Agilent High-Throughput Certified Service Provider since 2010. These certificates were granted following rigorous assessment of the high-quality experimental data routinely generated by OGT’s unique high-throughput analysis service – Genefficiency™.  OGT was the first company to be awarded the prestigious Agilent High-Throughput Certified Service Provider status following on from our successful completion of the world’s largest CNV study where over 20,000 samples were processed in less than 20 weeks.